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The author Michael Nash is a 3-time World Top Ten coach, 5-time World Top Twenty coach and 2-time World Junior (boys) Champion coach.

All of these players (initially club standard) were developed over three to four years by Michael in Adelaide.

Honours: Australian Sports Medal

Awarded 2000 

(Photo 1981)





My Strategy V Elite Strategy


There are two ways to play squash; risk or not risk securing "The T". 



To secure The T "My Strategy" is only dependent on Reasonable Quality (Exception the straight drop from D3 or D4 which requires more than Reasonable Quality).

My Strategy scenarios: If the shot is of Superior Quality the player will always secure The T: If the shot is of more than Reasonable Quality the player should always secure The T: If the shot is of Reasonable Quality the player is expected to secure The T: If the shot is of less than Reasonable Quality the player may secure The T: If the shot is of Poor Quality the player is expected not to secure The T.

However, the "Elite Strategy" when endeavouring to attain The T is often dependent on Superior Quality or the opponent's lack of ability. Obviously, there is no need for a strategy if the player could hit the ball with Superior Quality or if the opponent lacks ability.


Example: My Strategy V Elite Strategy in the Attacking and Defensive Zones 

What if Gaultier decides to defend with a high slow shot from the back Defensive Zone?

What if Farag decides to attack with a straight volley drop from The Attacking Zone?




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