Attacking Zone - A2-B

The process which achieves the goal of attaining the T by the time the opponent is about to hit the ball is outlined below. This process only requires reasonable quality when the player is in the A2-B Zone.

How to assist players whether to attack or defend by zoning the court.

The Attacking Back Zone - A2-B

The player must zone the court into the Attacking Back Zone.

The A2-B Zone is Attacking not because of it's proximity in relation to the T. 

The Zone is Attacking because the player is not blind to the opponent and because the player is balanced. 

When the player is in the Attacking Back Zone and the player is not blind to the opponent the player should play an attacking straight drive. Occasionally, the player will not see the opponent in the peripheral vision but knows the opponent is poorly positioned in the T area

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Two feeder routines for the G1 and G2 zones when the opponent is behind and drives - uploaded  5th

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