The Backhand Open Plane Slice Drop



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The Backhand Open Plane Straight Slice Drop (The focus is mainly on the arm and racquet).

Furthermore, when slice volleying the ball between waist height and knee height the technique is identical.

Introduction - Definition 

Part 1

The Definition. 

 The Backhand Open Plane Straight Slice Drop is defined as after identifying that the ball is on the backhand side the player reacts with The Backhand Open Plane’s  backswing.The player leads the racquet head on the backswing by opening the racquet face to an angle between 30 and 45 degrees and maintaining the angle prior to the forward swing beginning.

The player commences the forward swing with a measured (slow) and steep throwing action as if throwing a Frisbee but with a cocked wrist and leading the elbow while simultaneously opening the racquet face to an extra angle of approximately 10 to15 degrees to a total angle between 40 and 60 degrees  before attempting to return the racquet face to the original angle between 30 and 45 degrees at contact.



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