The Forehand Open Plane Restricted Swing.

The Forehand Open Plane Restricted Swing presents four swing choices.

It is the basic swing which evolves from The Forehand Open Plane Swing.


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The Forehand Open Plane Restricted Swing

The Forehand Open Plane Restricted Swing is the final swing that the player should adopt.

The start of the back swing also leads into The Forehand Open Plane Swing, The Forehand Open To Closed Plane Swing and The Forehand Open To Extended Extended Plane Swing.

The compact back swing encourages the player to take the ball early at and below waist height.

Although compact, the forward swing can be reasonably powerful and also delicate when lobbing and dropping.

The follow through encourages the payer to hit through the line of flight of the intended shot.

When learning the swing, the player learns the importance of the step hit and step recovery.

Furthermore, the ball should be fed slowly when learning to step hit and step recover.


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