Two Feeders Routines Specific to My Swing

Two Feeder-Routines (The feeder is the one who hits the ball for the player to retrieve. The player should ignore the non feeder's position).


After practising one feeder routines the player should then advance to two feeder routines.

The player should have moved from Conscious learning to Subconscious learning. That is, the player no longer focuses on the swing but only on the tactics.

The player's position in the T Area is dictated by where the feeders are positioned.

It is important that the two feeders position the balls in a fashion that allows the player every opportunity to concentrate on the tactics.

Finally, with the intensity of the feeds gradually increasing until it is apparent the player has mastered the necessary technique and is on automatic pilot using Subconscious learning. 

Annually, the player should revisit the technical aspects during the non competition phase for a week or two . 


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