The Throwing Action - Backhand

Throwing Action

The non preferred side is the backhand side as the throwing action on the backhand is biomechanically unnatural. That is, if given a choice a person would prefer to use the forehand as more power is generated.

 How does a person throw an object? The person bends the arm on recoil and straightens it out on release. The object can be thrown under arm, over arm or around arm. The person can create more power with greater shoulder, upper and lower body rotation.

Although more difficult biomechanically and lacking power, it is easier to be more accurate by releasing the the object at the highest point as it can be directly released through the line of flight.

The throwing action on the backhand side is similar to throwing a frisbee. Unlike the forehand side just prior to release this action does not present the forearm in a vertical position. In fact the frisbee throwing action naturally presents the forearm in a horizontal position which encourages the person to release the object across the line of flight. 

The person also on release goosenecks the wrist.





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