Introduction Elite Swing


The Elite Swing refers to the technique that a registered PSA player uses.

The following are observations.

There are two basic techniques that the elite player uses. The Elite Open To Closed Plane Swing and the Pathway Swing. The former has always been in use while the latter has been popular for the past 25 years.


Elite Swing

The videos below are designed to arouse coaches' and players' curiosity to further investigate the elite swing. 

The players use a variety of non-basic swings. However, from a basic swing perspective the majority lead the racquet head on the back swing at different angles.

On occasions, the player's backswing is restricted, and often, the player after opening the racquet face closes it.

More Elite Swings.

Often, players either open or close the face.

Players either open or close the face which encourages or discourages them to take or not to take the ball early.

Compact backswing on the backhand

  Some Elite players use the Pathway Swing. 

 Ali Farag using the Pathway Swing on the forehand and backhand.

Some Elite players use the Pathway Swing: Only on the backhand.

Nour El Sherbini and Laura Massaro using the Pathway Swing on the backhand.

For a detailed explanation

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