One Feeder Routines Specific To My Swing

One Feeder Routines


After practising Solo Routines without and with the ball using Segmented Ghosting the player should then advance via Goal Setting and Sequencing to One Feeder Routines. 

It is important that the feeder positions the ball in a fashion that allows the player every opportunity to concentrate on the technical aspects of the swing. For example, the ball should be fed which allows the player to hit the ball at a low point which assists the player to have a natural follow through.

Initially, the player should focus via Goal Setting and Sequencing on a single aspect and once mastered move on to another feature with the intensity of the feeds gradually increasing. The player can ghost and visualise a segment when required.

Annually, the player should revisit the goals of the technical aspects using Ghosting and Visualisation during the non competition phase for a week or two .





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