The Throwing Action - Forehand

Throwing Action

The preferred throwing side is the forehand side which increases power and accuracy, whereas the backhand side does little to increase power or accuracy.

There are many ways to throw an object with the arm straight or bent. The latter is the preferred as more power can be created. The object can be thrown under arm, over arm or around arm.

Although lacking power, to increase accuracy it is easier to use a straight under arm action when releasing an object, as it can be directly released through the line of flight.

The throwing action on the forehand side is biomechanically natural presenting a person with the opportunity to create more power by lifting and bending on the recoil. The person does this by keeping the point of the elbow down or flying the elbow out. The latter creates more power.

The arm uncoils with the arm still bent while prior to release the forearm presents in a vertical position. The arm then straightens on or just prior to release. If given a choice, just prior to release the person will throw the object with the forearm in a vertical position.  

This vertical position is critical to assisting the person to release the object through the line of flight.

The vertical position of the forearm can be high or low but is biomechanically natural at a high point.

The wrist cocks on recoil by fully extending and abducting before uncoiling with flexion and adducting to a neutral position before and on release, until fully flexing (reverse gooseneck).







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