Introduction-My Strategy


Use Differential Learning techniques

That is, when doing strategy specific routines vary the routine and shorten it's time.

Sequencing (Sequentially)

When teaching strategy the author uses the tool Sequencing by sequentially presenting "My Strategy".

There is no need for strategy if the player always hits the ball with superior quality or the opponent is of an extreme inferior standard. 

This introduction focuses on general observations of the elite player in respect to the player attaining "The T" or "The T Area". 

General Observations

On "The T"

Where should the player be when the opponent is about to hit the ball?

The player returns to The T Area

Distance from The T

The distance from The T is being measured from "On The T".  The player's distance travelled to retrieve the ball is minimised if the player can be within The T Area by the time the opponent is about to hit the ball.

Attack And Defend (It is difficult to interpret when the player is defending) 

What tactics does the player incorporate to attain The T Area

It would appear that the player does not always attain the correct positioning.

If attaining The T Area by the time your opponent is about to hit the ball is critical, then acquiring a process which requires only reasonable quality is essential. That is, the player does not have to rely on the player's A Game, but the player's B Game will suffice.

To discover this process which achieves attaining The T Area by the time the opponent is about to hit the ball and only requires reasonable quality (except for one scenario)…...visit Members (Registered Users) Section: My Strategy.

Furthermore, to get a better understanding of the player's position relevant to The T and The T Area visit Menu T.


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