This introduction is not a specific description of the T area. Furthermore, the elite player may or may not attain the correct position in the T area. 

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The T



The distance from the T

The T is defined as the central position. However, the player is not always positioned centrally on the T to retrieve the ball.

Where on the T is the elite player positioned when the opponent drives the ball from either the back corners (D1 & D2 Zones) or near the back corners (G1 & G2 Zones) ?

Often, the player positions on the Back of the T - The Classic Back of The T.


On or near the front of the T

There are numerous positions near the front of the T that the player endeavours to attain.

High on the T

When volleying or taking the ball early, positioning high on the T seems logical and continues to be encouraged at the elite level.

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Visit  Members Section: T Area & Player's Posture


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