Solo and Two Feeder Routines - T Positioning


The player practises the correct T positioning with Matchplay Solo Ghosting

Once the player is familiar with the correct T positioning and the implementation of the Basic Movement Patterns to the various zones the player can introduce The Matchplay Solo Ghosting Routine



When feeding routines the player's position in The T Area is dictated by where the feeders are positioned. The feeders must give the player time to be balanced in between feeds.

Two Feeder Routines (feeding from behind the Back Of The T)

For example when feeding the high and soft routine to the back position the player on The Back of the T.

The feeders are positioned behind the service boxes in the back Extended Zones

Two Feeder Routines (feeding from just behind the Short Line)

For example when feeding the drop routine to the front position the player On The T

The feeders are position just behind the Short Line 





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