Solo Feeds Specific to My Swing

Solo Routines


The player needs to incorporate Sequencing, Segmented Ghosting also known as Role Playing, Visualisation and Goal Setting. 

After Segmented Ghosting the player ghosts the holistic swing without and then with the ball.

For example, when practising solo it is critical the player uses the method of ghosting.. That is, the player does not use a ball.

When ghosting the player should sequentially segment the swing while occasionally checking the racquet face, wrist, armpit etc., while paying particular attention to squaring the racquet face to the imaginary ball. This assists the player to visualise when not checking.

Finally, the player gradually via goal setting and sequencing introduces the ball increasing the ratio of ball is to ghosting.

Annually, the player should revisit the technical aspects using Sequencing, Ghosting, Visualisation and Goal Setting during the non competition phase for a week or two.




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